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October 03, 2008



Sorry to hear about Charlie Brown... :(

Happy to hear about your wood floor...I have one in my kitchen that could use the same treatment....wanna come do mine??

Have a good day!



Oh Miley, we are in the same boat rowing with the same paddle. Our dog, Gus, was diagnosed with diabetes in March and recently suspected he was losing his eyesight. We went to the vet a few weeks ago and sure enough, he only had 5% of his eyesight left in his right eye and 0% in his left eye. SO SAD! The vet assured us that even though he's blind, he can still carry on a normal active life! Or if we wanted to spend $1800/eye, we could do lens replacement surgery! Um if I wanted to spend that kind of money, I'd get my own eyes corrected!

Hope your country song turns around for ya!


Poor Charlie Brown.
: (
And poor Mommy--I know what it's like to hear that your baby can't see. : (

Michelle B

Hello Miley!

I found this a while back when I was trying to find your personal website. Anyway, not the issue. Have you found a Dr. yet? As you know Miss Megan (our oldest Cocker) had to have both of her eyes removed. Dr. Barryman @ Harvey Oaks is absolutely fantastic! He specializes in eyes. I would highly recommend that you schedule a visit with him. I realize I am a few weeks after the post but I thought it may help. I feel your pain! He is absolutely adorable.


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