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September 23, 2008



Wonderful! There is a great book- "How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With" that might help you with your crate training. It is very important to put him into his crate when you are home. So he doesn't always associate the crate with being left alone. Another thing you can do is give him some sort of "food puzzle" such as a Kong or one of the many similar items. You will put his breakfast and dinner into the puzzle then put him in his crate. He will begin to associate his crate with eating and all will be good. The puzzle will make it so he takes longer to eat and that will help him get over the initial seperation.

Good luck with your pup.. he is adorable!

judy in carefree

He is darling. So sorry to hear about your Shih Tzu. I lost mine after 12 1/2 years and decided I never wanted another dog, but 4 months later we came home with two new Shih Tzus and then added another one two months ago. Best thing we ever did although I'm still struggling with getting all three trained. Enjoy despite the training.


Omg this little dog is heartbreaker I can see why you had to bring him home...poop and all!! Tena


He's yummy! :) Tori thinks so too! I'm not sure I could have left him at the pound either and I certainly don't need another one! :)



You are a good mom.


This is the BEST story! I love it! I'm such a dog lover.
The photo at the end just makes it that much better. I'm so glad you found your new pup!


Love this new feature! love this page.

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